Jay Electronica Pleads For Diddy Time, Warns Machine Gun Kelly

By Maurice Bobb

After a rather lengthy musical hiatus, as promised Jay Electronica reemerged this week with the militant themed ode, “Call of Duty,” which features Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. The collaboration caught some by surprise as the head of Roc Nation, Jay-Z, has a not so friendly past with the Queesnbridge poet. However, a redeemed Prodigy may be turning over a new leaf as he indirectly pays homage to Hov's brand on the hook: "Put ya diamonds in the sky/wave ‘em side to side, get robbed for ya shine/in time go by/we live by eye for an eye/I die for you/you beef is mine,” P trades bars with the Roc Nation MC with the calculated aggression of a feral cat. Jay Elect praised Prodigy’s flow via Twitter.

“Prodigy's opening 4 bars on CODMW3 has more swag than everything on the entire internet" Jay tweeted. "I’m not talking pseudo bubble gum rap.”

Sticking to the combative nature of the track, the rapper born Timothy Elpadaro Thedford called out numerous emcees this morning via Twitter and fired multiple shots at his one time collaborator, Diddy, using the hashtag #HurtsWhenBreathe:

“I know you see me" Jay continued. Man up my ni--a you know I love you. Let’s get back to business. I miss you,” Jay Electyarmulke tweeted to the Bad Bay CEO via his Twitter handle @iamdiddy. “Don’t make me come to your house. YOU KNOW I WILL”

Completely aware that tweets were watching, The New Orleans bred MC got his followers involved asking them to retweet the following message: “Everyone Retweet this: @iamdiddy #ILuvU. Get at me you ole emotional ass ni--a. You a Black King! Wakeup Lion and let’s go.”

Jay's messages towards the Bad Boy mogul and Diddy's no response could be in light of the New Orleans MC inking a deal versus signing with Puff. Prior to the deal, the two men collaborated on numerous tracks including "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace" that led many to believe Electronica was going to officially align with Diddy.

Jay Elect then aimed his weapon at the Bad Boy CEO’s newest recruit, Machine Gun Kelly, and sniped out the Cleveland bred MC with a direct tweet:

“Peace family. Tell Puff hit me or else I’m gonnna burn your world down with a verse,” Jay Elect tweeted to the Bad Boy signee’s Twitter handle @machinegunkelly. “I’m just playin my nig. Now do as I say or get your world burned down w a verse. @iamdiddy You See me Ni--a.”

Closing out his rant, Jay Elect doused the flames of inevitable beef with a good-humored affirmation and call to action:

“Nah, just kidding for real though, it’s all Looooooove. @iamDiddy #HurtsWhenBreathe Retweet this and let me live on Puff timeline today. It’s happening brother. You can run but you can't hide.”

Thus far, Diddy and MGK have yet to respond and no worlds have been burned down via verse.