Method Man Recalls Complimenting Britney Spears' Backside


- By Jocelyn Vena

When Method Man stopped by RapFix Live on Wednesday, he opened up a lot about his legendary career. The humble MC said that he was mostly grateful that he's been able to do what he's wanted to do most with his life: make music.

"Like I said when you carry yourself with that grain of humility, you never put yourself on a pedestal to get knocked off of," he told MTV News. "My thing was whether I'm the hottest, close to the hottest or fizzling around here lukewarm, I'm gonna be happy cause I'm doing what I always wanted to do."

With making music, comes the opportunity to meet some interesting folks. He added, "I'm an MC and I'm meeting people that some people would never meet in their whole entire lifetime." He then relayed some of the best celebrity encounters he's had over the years. So, here is Method Man recalling his favorite encounters with fellow A-listers.

Meth On meeting Mel Gibson

"I got to chance to tell Mel Gibson that I laughed when he got his head chopped off in 'Braveheart.' How many people can sit there and say that?"

Meth On meeting Tyra Banks

"I ran into Tyra Banks in a club. I'm not going to say who she was with but I ran unto her at a club and the first thing I said was 'Can I kiss your forehead?' and I kissed Tyra Banks on her forehead, first time I met her. I love what I do."

Meth On Meeting Britney Spears

"It happened in this building. We were doing something for 'TRL' and she was there. And you know me and Redman like to clown around a lot and we were taking a picture. And if you see the picture that we took I'm leaning over into her cause I whispered something into her ear.

"I whispered, 'You got a fat a-- for a white girl,' but no, I meant it as a compliment," he said of the 1999 meeting. "And this is how professional Britney is, she waited for the picture to stop and as soon as the picture was over she looked at me and said, 'Thank you'… And I looked at her like, 'You're welcome.' You know I'm telling the truth Britney."

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