Lil’ Cease Denies Claims By Ex-LAPD Officer On 2Pac And Notorious B.I.G. Murders


Towering titans of hip-hop Tupac “2Pac” Shakur and Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and their violent deaths capped a bi-coastal feud that reached a fever pitch in the 1990s – linking the foes together eternally.

As speculation continues to bubble over who was responsible for the murders of the pair, a new book from an ex-LAPD homicide detective alleges that label heads and shot callers Sean “Diddy” Combs and Suge Knight were the masterminds behind the deaths of the rappers. However, a former ally and childhood friend of B.I.G. dismissed the book’s claims in a recent on-air interview.

The new book "Murder Rap" by former officer Greg Kading highlights the gritty details of both cases, with Kading stating an informant told him that he was paid $1 million dollars to murder both 2Pac and Suge Knight. That same informant also implicated Diddy as the brains behind the operation that set up the killing of 2Pac in September of 1996.

Kading states in his book that Suge Knight funded the hiring of a hit man to murder B.I.G., who killed just months later in March 1997.

Combs has denied all claims made by Kading to the L.A. Weekly, who broke the story this week.

Former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member and artist Lil’ Cease received a call from Sway Calloway during the “Sway In The Morning” show on Shade 45 to discuss the allegations made by Kading.

“I’m just way past those types of situations,” said a slightly bemused Cease. “Every year, every couple of months, something new comes out. It all depends on whoever putting it out what’s their intentions. I never even heard of this person who put this book out or heard of him as a cop during any time in that investigation.”

After saying he didn’t believe Combs ordered the shooting as Kading alleges, Cease added, “I’ve been dealing with that for so many years. Every year, it’s just something different. Who knows what to believe?”

Cease ended off saying that he hopes justice will be finally served in the cases, acknowledging the mothers of both Wallace and Shakur during the interview.

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