T.I. Calms Diddy Down After Club Flap

Atlanta was a hotbed of activity this weekend with the BET Awards Hip-Hop Awards going down Saturday (October 1) night. With all the celebrities in town to partake of the ceremonies, clubs in the southern mecca were packed to the nines with fans looking to rub elbows with stars hosting and hobnobbing at the event. However, one big time star may have stepped out of line with an outburst that was less than welcoming.

Sean “Diddy” Combs held an event last night at club Compound alongside the recently freed T.I. and the two rap titans presided over the event while revelers delighted in music and good times after the awards show. Video from the event show Diddy playing MC for the crowd and partying along with everyone else but suddenly things began to sour as the businessman took defending his interests personal.

A stakeholder in vodka company Ciroc, Diddy began to call out a person inside the club for promoting against his sponsored brand of fire water – using some colorful terms to express his disdain. Snatching the drink from the partygoer, the man began to approach Diddy. Sensing trouble brewing, T.I. played ambassador of good will and calmed down the potential blowup by taking the microphone from Diddy – earnestly suggesting that Diddy and the man take things down a few notches.

Although largely unconfirmed, there are reports that shots were fired inside the club after the Diddy dustup. No word has materialized from the camps of Diddy or T.I. as of yet.

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