Mac Miller Jumps On Maroon 5 Remix

By Rob Markman

Mac Miller’s not a star? Somebody lied. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MC has been quietly climbing up rap’s ranks, appearing on magazine covers, selling out tours and putting out critically acclaimed mixtapes. Now, the independently signed Miller can add appearing on a #1 single to his resume. Earlier today Maroon 5 dropped their “Moves Like Jagger (Remix)” with Mac Miller and Christina Aguilera on rap site HipHopDX.

“There’s somethin’ ’bout my ego, tell her back-up Tim Teebow/Got TiVo up in the ride, I’m leaned back and my seat low,” Miller spits to open the Benny Blanco-produced track.

“Maroon 5 is ill, very ill,” Mac told “[‘Moves Like Jagger’ producer] Benny [Blanco] reached out to get me on the jam, and to be honest, at first I didn’t really believe him. I was like, these dudes could get any rapper they wanted on their jam, why would they want me? However, they were serious. When I was in NY I went to the studio with Benny to do it. We chopped it up for a while, then I just wrote my verses and laid them down. I hadn’t spoken with anybody from Maroon 5 or anything at this point. I actually had the feeling that they going to cut my verses and go with someone else.”

While the song keeps most of its original format intact, Mac is brought in at the top and then again with a second verse before Christina Aguilera’s final refrain. “I’m a rich bastard, Mick Jagger, say I got them moves/ Always rolling stoned, girls call my phone let it ring, let ’em know I’m way too cool,” he rhymes.

Mac admitted to XXL that initially he didn’t think the remix would ever come to fruition. “I don’t know why, the thought of Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera and myself on a jam, I just didn’t think it would fly,” he said.

Sounds like a hit!

What do you think of Mac Miller’s lyrics on Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”? Tell us in the comments!

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