First Date With Mr. 'Tony Montana,' Future


When I think back on my Summer of 2011, I think of that time I sipped wine coolers and ate fondue at my friend’s house in Connecticut, that other time I lit sparklers on the street with my friends on July 4th, and most importantly – that time I heard YC’s “Racks” for the first time. So it was only a fitting bookend to a very productive set of warm months to meet the man behind the song’s infectious hook.

I really wanted to do this first date in Atlanta and meet Future on his home turf. But we settled instead for my hometown of Manhattan while he was in town for a show at the legendary club, S.O.B’s, where we met at Harlem’s Amy Ruth’s for some chicken and waffles. While it doesn’t appear that I ate too much during the date, I can assure you that immediately after the cameras shut off, myself and the crew gorged on all that the restaurant offered us (seriously, guys, if you’re ever in the area, get the smothered chicken and waffles. They taste like a hug).

Future was a total gentleman, and admitted before we sat down that he’d never been on a date before. I found that endearing, if a bit unbelievable as he relayed stories to me about how two different women have tattooed his name on body parts. He also explained to me that we were the perfect zodiac pairing – my low-key Pisces to his energetic Scorpio, because you were wondering. Whether or not it was written in the stars, there’s no denying that Future and I made for a fun pair.