Eric B. & Rakim Land Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination

Seminal rap duo Eric B. & Rakim have long been considered by many to be one of Hip Hop’s living treasures with a legacy and catalog that has influenced dozen of acts over the past two and a half decades. Although the lauded and still celebrated pair split in the mid-90s, they are continually linked as a result of their past success. Yesterday, the group achieved yet another milestone after an announcement that they have been nominated for the first time to enter the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012.

Potential hall of fame members are eligible 25 years after their debut single or album, and in 1986 the careers of Eric B. & Rakim were born. Their debut single “Eric B. Is President” was a smash at the time and continues to rock dance floors and speakers to this day. Rakim introduced a new style of rapping to the masses, amazing listeners with dizzying wordplay unheard of in the start of Hip Hop’s golden era.

Rap acts in the hall thus far have been scarce with just Run-D.M.C. and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five making the lofty induction into the hall in the past. Also nominated for next year’s entry is influential rock band Guns N’ Roses marking their first nomination. For the third time, old school rap veterans The Beastie Boys have been nominated. Past nominees also include Queens legend LL Cool J and Hip Hop forefather Afrika Baambatta.

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