Petey Pablo Sentenced To Three Years On Gun Charges

Troubled North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo suffered a legal blow this morning (September 27) after battling a year-long gun charge in his home state. Last year, the former Timbaland protégé was caught at Raleigh-Durham International Airport allegedly attempting to smuggle a stolen 9mm pistol aboard a Los Angeles bound airplane – and was reported to be facing a heavy ten year prison stint.

The “Raise Up” rapper’s fate was handed down today inside the U.S. District Court in the city of New Bern after a guilty plea from Pablo, resulting in a 35 month sentence for the Wake Forest native. Born Moses Barrett, the 38-year-old artist was apprehended while the firearm was detected by an X-ray machine while attempting to board.

Further investigation showed that the gun was stolen during a 2005 home burglary in 2005.

A vague but somewhat remorseful Petey Pablo shared some insight on his troubles in a recent HipHopDX interview last week. “I mean, I always feel confident. In the end, the truth always comes to the light. And, regardless of what the outcome is, I’m a man. And whatever has been written in my book of life is written in my book of life. So whatever the outcome of any situation is, I have no choice but to handle it.”

Ahead of his current legal snafu, Pablo said that he and fellow North Carolina product J. Cole had begun to work together after the younger rapper introduced the elder statesman to an appreciative North Carolina A&T homecoming crowd.

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