Papoose Declares He's 'King Of New York' On Mixtape

With a staggering amount of mixtape material, collaborations with some of rap’s biggest names while also known for packing a lyrical punch, Brooklyn veteran rapper Papoose has now boldly claimed that he reigns as the top rapper in his native New York. Taking to Twitter in the wee hours of the night, Papoose has furiously tweeted his claim and challenging people on his timeline to present the self-proclaimed “King Of New York City” with a worthy challenger to his personal throne.

News of Papoose’s claim took fire on the social media network in the form of a top trending topic that read “#PapooseSaid” with fans railing on the claim. Yesterday, Papoose tweeted, “I’m the king of new York city” – with some fans responding to the new claim with support and defiance. As the night raged on Papoose hit his timeline with a barrage of tweets regarding his bold statement, urging his supporters to retweet him in agreement. Papoose began to rattle off his accomplishments all while amassing both support and heavy criticism for his statement. The Kay Slay protégé proudly shared tweets from both his fans and critics, seemingly delighting in all of the attention as a result of his new title. Papoose managed to fire off one last salvo to his detractors, asking, “I’m the king of new york why u mad?”

Papoose first rose to prominence on the mixtape scene in 2004, although he’s been in the industry since the late 90s. Papoose made headlines when he signed a $1.5 million dollar deal with Jive Records in 2006. That same year, Papoose was featured on Busta Rhyme’s remix for the hit song “Touch It.” Papoose is also the husband of currently incarcerated rapper Remy Ma.

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