Wiz Khalifa Drops A Second Video For 'Taylor Gang'


By Rob Markman

Maybe Wiz Khalifa was high and forgot that he already shot a video to “Taylor Gang,” or maybe he loves his Taylors that much. Whatever the case the Khalifa dropped another video for his fan anthem on Friday. Back in April, Wiz hooked up with director Bill Paladino and dropped a smoked-out cut of “Taylor Gang,” which has since amassed 2.8 million views.

The new “TG” video (also directed by Paladino) is comprised of live performance shots and behind-the-scenes footage. While on Wiz’s Rolling Papers Tour, Khalifa and Chevy got live for the camera and in the vid give fans a glimpse of their life on the road. Besides nightly shows, the Taylors pull plenty of backstage pranks as well. In one scene Wiz breaks out a Super Soaker water gun and sprays his entourage, while members of his team take it a step further dumping entire water coolers on each other. The “Black and Yellow” MC gets the last laugh however when he gets a hold of a fire hose and sprays everyone within reach. All of the ruckus comes at a price however. In one scene Khalifa holds up his iPhone, showing off the cracked screen to the cam (we’re pretty sure he can break bread for a new one).

The budget wasn’t big, but then again that was ever the point. Instead this new “Taylor Gang” video is exactly what it should be, a celebration of the fans!

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