Fabolous Addresses Ray J Dustup, Says No Fight Occurred


Fabolous finally broke his silence regarding the alleged "fight" with Ray J and managed to sting the singer with the same banter that angered him from the beginning. The Brooklyn rapper phoned in to homey DJ Clue's Power 105 evening show dismissing all counts of a physical altercation with Ray J. According to Fab, he was caught by surprise at the singer's allegations during his radio interview and maintains that he was never punched, a claim Ray J boasted about.

"Who called in, Tupac?" Fab joked about Ray J's tirade on the morning show. "Tupac called in? That wasn't Ray J. You can't be serious. That wasn't Ray J. That wasn't him. That wasn't Willy Norwood Jr. That wasn't him. That wasn't Brandy brother."

During his conversation with Clue, Fab took a much more relaxed, calm approach noting that he doesn't take Ray J's threats serious at all but isn't quite happy with how the singer handled the situation in Vegas either.

Fabolous gave his account of the story where in his mind the issues stemmed from a few jokes he made about Ray J on Twitter. In a recent episode of Floyd Mayweather's "24/7" HBO show Ray J is highlighted singing in the living room section of Floyd's home. The clip drew a few rounds of laughs from Fab and others that at first appeared to be all fun. Initially Fab ran into Ray J at a dinner thrown by mogul Diddy that was also attended by comedian Kevin Hart. The collective all shared laughs over the ordeal and went on their separate ways but Fab's next occurrence with Ray J was less jovial.

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While preparing for a show at the luxurious Palms hotel Fab again crossed paths with Ray J, this time flanked by 50 Cent and the freshly minted champ, Floyd Mayweather whom Ray J refers to as "The Money Team." Fab claims an amped up Ray J was still reeling over the earlier jokes and began to get testy with him before he snatched him up by his red hoody, but no fight occurred.

"It was no fight, it was no swing" Fab maintains. "This whole story that he made up, that Tupac rant about him swinging on somebody and all of that s--t is all lies. Its all, high on coke, on that Whitney. That's all on that Whitney last night. Ain't no swings take place. You can ask the Money Team. The Money Team was standing right there. Ask the Money Team that hes probably the water boy for" Fab joked referring to 50 and Floyd.

In his interview Ray J claims that he bruised Fab after delivering a blow to the face but according to Fab aside from a lost pair of sunglasses at no point was he ever hurt. In the aftermath of Ray J's threatening interview this morning show host Clue asked Fab if he was interested in squashing the situation.

"There's nothing to squash" Fab responded. "We can progress in our own ways. He can go his way and I can go my way. He can continue playing the piano at Floyd's crib if he wants and i'll continue to do what I do and he can continue to do concerts in ni--as living rooms all he wants."

Fabolous is currently still in Vegas and says he plans to turn his attention towards the music to vent his frustration. Before departing the interview he warned that he may "get into more trouble" with making a few comments on Twitter about the situation.

"#TwitterPSA - If you have money but you're a lame it doesn't make you COOL or REAL.. You're just a LAME wit MONEY!" Fab tweeted after the interview holding true to his word" Fab tweeted after the interview.