50 Cent Receives $20,000 Watch From Floyd Mayweather Jr.

What's the price for escorting a boxing champ to the ring on arguably one of the biggest fights of his career? A twenty-thousand dollar luxury watch. That's the compensation rapper 50 Cent received from pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. following his stellar win this past Saturday when he knocked oppponent Victor Ortiz, adding one more belt to his war chest.

"Look what my boy @FloydMayweather got for me. Cool its called king power SK" 50 tweeted.

According to reports Maywather blessed Fif with a 20k Hublot watch, a timepiece most recently made famous by Jay-Z on his record "Otis." Since Hovs mention of the expensive watch the name has been a must have for many ballers.

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The price tag on the Hublot is a drop in the bucket for Mayweather who willl walk away from Saturdays fight with the minimum 25 million dollars. The controversial boxer gave critics more fodder for conversation over the weekend when he knocked out Ortiz with a legal and justified, yet questionable right hook. Mayweather was piping mad over an uncalled headbutt from Ortiz who immediately apologized only to apologize again minutes later. Unfortunately Ortiz forgot the number one rule in the book "protect yourself at all times" as the young boxer was caught with his hands down not paying attention. That resulted in Ortiz sprawled out on the canvas giving Floyd his 42nd win and more hardware.

"You want to do me dirty and two minutes later you want to make up," Mayweather said. "This is a hurt business."

"We touched gloves and we were back to fighting and then I threw the left and right hand after the break," Mayweather continued. "In the ring you have to protect yourself at all times."