Kanye West And Rhymefest's Scrapped 'Alligator Boots' Lands Online

Kanye West has one helluva comedic side to himself. Footage from West and fellow Chicagoian Rhymefests now defunct puppet show has landed online a few years after its creation showing the producer's animated and creative personality. In the ten minute clip released by one of the shows producers West is prominently featured in a variety of scenes, one specifically with reality show star Kim Kardashian dressed as Princess Leia who leaves a disturbed West, donned as a Star Wars stormtrooper for a pig puppet dressed as a pimp.

"We at the Jim Henson studios working on a concept that Rhymefest thought of" Kanye revealed at the opening of the clip on the stomping grounds of the legendary production offices. "We wanted to do a cartoon and I told them that it should be a puppet show."

In the ten minute video characters including "Pork Troy," a marijuana obsessed superhero named "CPT" and "Peanut," a young lady who frequently visits nightclubs with her baby when not stalking West and "Beary White" are all introduced. In one particular scene Pork Troy and West fight over Troy's recording of the track "Baby In The Club" that is pokes fun at Peanut's decision to bring her child to a nightclub.

"We did a show called 'Crank Yankers' which they liked" said one of the shows creators Daniel Kellison. "A lot of hip-hop guys liked it. We had Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Lil Jon a bunch of people come and do the show. But Kanye and Rhymefest wanted to do their own show, which is sort of how all of this was all born."

"Alligator Boots" was created back in 2008 as a pilot for network Comedy Central. The show took a page out of the famed classic puppet show, "The Muppet Show" meets "Crank Yankers" with each episode featuring a celebrity host and music provided by West and Rhymefest. Plans to air the show have since been scrapped with no further details provided.