Jim Jones Shoots Down 'Love & Hip-Hop' Fight Rumors


If you're expecting to catch some drama at the start of season two of VH-1's reality show "Love & Hip-Hop" then you may want to think again. At least, according to show producer Jim Jones that is. Jones was one of our many guests for the one year anniversary of RapFix Live on Wednesday (September 14th) where during his time on the couch the Harlemite shot down reports that his girlfriend Chrissy got into a cat fight with newcomer and girlfriend to Juelz Santana during the first episode.

"I definitely ain't heard that one" Jim told Sway when asked about the rumored fight. "I would hope that ain't happen on the show. That's not a good look. That's not a good look for family. So I would pray that didn't happen."

Jim Jones has been a figure within the hip-hop community infamously known for getting things done his way. According to Jones, the folks at VH-1 had been approaching him for years about getting involved with their shows but he was reluctant to do so, citing his privacy. However, after a full season of success with the hit reality TV show Jones is more relaxed going into the next season.

"It's a good show, it's dope" Jones continued. "Ain't nothing like good television. Getting into it I didn't really know what I was going to get out of it or how it would make it look, something they've been trying to do with me for like five years. We finally got it down to a science were I can be a part of it and not necessarily make it feel like it's my show directly."

"First season I was a little skeptic, I watched it like everybody else" says Jones. "Fell in love with it, started to understand what television was, what this whole reality show period. There's some crazy percentage of reality shows, like it's 40% of reality shows or something like that. So that's like the new "Cosby" shows or sitcoms or new soap operas. I'm cool with it as long as it keeps making sense, I keep making more money every season and people keep loving the show then we good."