Pusha T Gives Jay-Z Advantage In Lil Wayne/Hov Battle

Rapper Pusha T is a fan of real hip-hop with substance that speaks nothing less than the truth. The Clipse MC was in New York City to promote his Fear of God EP when he stopped by local radio station Hot 97 to chop it up with celebrity disc jockey Funkmaster Flex. Prior to lacing airwave listeners with a signature Funk Flex freestyle that's sure to be in rotation for the coming weeks, Pusha took out the time to elaborate on the Jay-Z and Lil Wayne war of words.

"I'm a hip-hop fan, I listen to everybody, I listen to everything," Pusha told Funkmaster Flex. "I personally thought the Jay swipe, if that was a swipe because I never heard him say it was a swipe, but the Jay swipe, I thought that was like, mean. I thought it was a mean swipe. But then, the way Wayne flipped back on the new one, that was hot. That was hot as well. That was good. That was good."

Since Pusha's entrance in the game the "Grindin' " rapper has long maintained that his coke dealing raps reflect the reality of his upbringing and that within the rap community he tends to gravitate towards rappers who rap the life they live.

"I get caught up in a level of realness and that -- when you can say, 'Who really would do what and what really makes a little bit more sense in reality?' I get caught up in that" Pusha continued. "You know, when you get caught up in that, you know, it's reality. The Jay one sounded a little bit more realer, I think Wayne was clever with his, but Jay's was a little bit, I felt like that was coming from the heart, like he really, really feels like that. 'If' it's a swipe."