'Bun B Day' Declared In The Rapper's Texas Hometown

By Rahman J. Dukes

Earlier today Houston rapper Bun B was honored by the city's Mayor who officially declared the day "Bun B Day." The UGK rapper was surrounded by his family and friends who were on to celebrate the festivities. The late Pimp C's mom was also on hand for the occasion.

“This is a day where we don't use to promote albums, we don`t do this to promote music, we do this to promote activism in the community,” said Bun B.

Bun B and the late great Pimp C have grown to become iconic music figures in the rap game hailing from Houston, Tx. Bun has maintained the legacy of the group through countless albums and his various efforts giving back to his community.

“People know that we do give back to the community,” said Bun. “If I wasn't who I claim to be, they would have ran me out the game a long time ago. Intentionally I just wanted to make music that my friends and peers would appreciate."