Nicki Minaj’s 'Fly' Video Debuts, Fans Comment


The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show tonight offered fans tons of thrills and featured excellent floor work from special guest host Selena Gomez along with seasoned vets Sway Calloway and James Montgomery helping along the way. Among some of the special moments of the pre-show was the debut of Young Money starlet Nicki Minaj and her Rihanna-assisted video for “Fly” – and it appears the video got fans talking in droves on the fast moving social media network Twitter.

Fans dove in from the onset with comments shortly after the conclusion of the clip. “Nicki Minaj look so beautiful in the fly video :-) :-),” gushed fan @dawn106allday while an equally excited @Treezy_DuhBoss added, “I Love Nicki Minaj Fly Video! It's SO AWESOME!” The video had a handful of the requisite critics, although paling in comparison to the approving fans. “[A]lways loved the song..the video didn't like so much” tweeted a critical @imurMOTIVATION_.

The accolades kept pouring in with adoring comments regarding the video. “Nicki Minaj and Rihanna look really good in the "Fly" video... regal Nicki is the kind of Nick I prefer lol,” said @TREV_ology. Fan @dentdays preferred Rihanna’s look in the video apparently by tweeting, “How Rihanna gone look better in the Fly video, and its Nicki Minaj song? SMH!”

The gloomy Sanaa Hamri-directed video features the pair of beauties in a world that appears to have been devastated by an apocalyptic event. Nicki Minaj also gets to showcase some of her moves and both of the ladies go through a few outfit changes – including Nicki in an all-white bodysuit battling back some ninjas which then turns the destruction happening in their video world into a flowery paradise.

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