Justin Bieber Remixes Drake's 'Trust Issues'

Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber has been growing up before the public eye and has been toying with some new sounds, including rapping alongside fellow crooner Chris Brown on Breezy’s rap mixtape Boy In Detention. The My World 2.0 singer has taken his legion of fans for another loop with a remix of fellow countryman and heartthrob Drake with the somber “Trust Issues” track - although he tones down the gruff language a bit.

Employing the Auto-Tune vocal plugin, 17-year-old Justin Bieber's voice is suddenly rendered into a much more mature tenor. Drake’s original version of the track was released on his blog back in June, with a warning to fans that the track will not appear on his sophomore release Take Care.

With Justin opening the song much like Drake with the familiar hook from DJ Khaled's “I’m On One,” the Biebs doesn’t slip into the rap portion featured later in the track opting instead to keep Drake’s raps intact. Although Justin Bieber altered his lyrics to make them more teen-friendly, the same courtesy was not extended to Drizzy’s sections of the song that were kept in.

Fans of both Justin Bieber and Drake chimed in on social networking site Twitter about the remake, with some applauding Bieber for his PG-rated editing. “Oh crap that Trust Issues remix by Justin Bieber is damn addictive,” tweeted fan @FarahSyazwina. @ThyckApparel added, “Trust Issues: Justin Bieber and Drake| Waaaay cute!! The Beibes cleaned this up real nice, lol Can't front.”

An excited @DPRIZZY added, “JUSTIN BIEBER KILLED TRUST ISSUES” while echoed a shared sentiment among Bieber fans with “Justin ft Drake, Trust Issues. I can't. I can't with justin bieber anymore. WHY YOU SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING.”

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