Lil Boosies Mom Speaks, Blasts 'Free Boosie' Campaign

Incarcerated rapper Lil Boosie continues to be plagued by a number of legal issues while he prepares for the biggest fight of his life against a murder charge. The "Wipe Me Down" rapper is currently on a 23 hour lockdown inside a Baton Rouge prison with next to no contact with his family and friends following two incidents that put him in violation with prison rules. Earlier this year Booise was accused of smuggling drugs into the facility he's currently housed in, then a photo of a shirtless Boosie surfaced that eventually landed him on extreme lockdown.

For the first time, Boosies mother Connie Hatch has come forward speaking out on behalf of her son regarding his severe legal situation while calling out a few of his rap pals and questioning their "Free Boosie" campaign.

“He’s always locked down," Connie Hatch told the Poster Magazine. "For example, a three-way call – he’s locked down for that. And most inmates make three-way calls. He’s locked down for another inmate taking a picture of him – [the inmate] sent it to his girlfriend and the girlfriend put it on the Internet. Whether or not the other inmate was punished, I don’t know. But because of these two incidents Torrance has been locked down since June. From June until December. No telephone calls, no contact, no store. He’s locked up in the cell for 23 hours. The only time he comes out is one-hour a day."

Boosie's name has been kept alive in the streets with a host of "Free Boosie" events, the majority held by his close friend and partner Webbie and other labelmates. However, according to Ms. Hatch, she's yet to speak with her son's companions nor recieve any form of financial contribution towards his current legal case. Aside from Young Jeezy whom Hatch confirmed reached out, the feeling is Boosies pals have turned their backs on him.

"Not one rapper [has called]" Hatch revealed. "The only person I have spoken with is Young Jeezy. I heard from him but he hasn’t done anything as of yet. But the rest of them, you hear from them, but when you call them, they know my number so they don’t respond. My child was not like that. He gave to everybody.”

"Ever since Torrance has been in jail they have been giving 'Free Boosie Concerts.' " Boosie's mom continued. "We haven’t reaped any money from any 'Free Boosie Concerts.' Not any. Not even his children. They have people thinking that this concert is being sponsored to help Torrance. I contacted them about nine months ago and one of the guys told me it’s not true. But I found out because I received flyers from people in different states."

Over the course of Boosie's murder case his mom Connie maintained her sons innocence and vows to continue to stand by his side. Ms Hatch says that her child should not be prosecuted by the content of his lyrics but rather as a child of god.

"You do not judge a person on lyrics, their color" said Hatch. "When it’s time for God to come back, he’s going to judge us, not for our color, not for our character, it’s our heart. I don’t want them to put Torrance on a high pedal-stool but he will be treated fairly. If it takes the last breath of Ms. Hatch to stand up. It will.”