Mac Miller Speaks On Working With DJs Jazzy Jeff And Premier


Newly inducted into the hallowed halls of MTV Jams’ “Fab 5,” Pittsburgh rhymer Mac Miller sat on the “RapFix Live” couch with our host Sway Wednesday (August 17) and chopped it up on a variety of topics including his rise to fame, remaining true to his fans and himself while also displaying some bars for the fans watching at home. The personable 19-year-old Mac also revealed to Sway that he has worked alongside two legends in the realm of Hip Hop and how the experience left quite an impression.

After getting cosigns from other producers such as Just Blaze and 9th Wonder and even getting a shout out rom rap vets De La Soul, Mac Miller’s career has taken a serious upswing with a supportive fan base behind him. Mac’s career track also landed him in the presence of Hip Hop royalty DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier – recording with the trailblazers at various intervals but shockingly not employing them for his upcoming album Blue Slide Park.

“Don’t get me wrong, with this thing, I’m going to work with every single person that I can at some point in my career. I went and recorded with [Jazzy] Jeff, I went out to his crib and went into the studio and did some songs.” Mac then gushed about working with the producer and DJ, marveling at the accomplishments of Jeff’s long and successful career. “Dude, he’s the man,” shared a beaming Mac about Jazzy Jeff.

Mac Miller also got to hang out with DJ Premier and as to be expected from a teenager, Mac couldn’t contain his glee in working with the Gang Starr legend. “Primo’s just the man, he’s done everything and going to see his plaques was an actual where I was like ‘holy s—t, these are all my favorite albums,’” remarked Mac of being inside Primo’s studio where Big L recorded – an early inspiration for Miller.

Mac Miller will release his feature-free album Blue Slide Park this November. The rapper intends to work alongside Just Blaze as well in the future.

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