Frank Ocean Preps 'Swim Good' Video

2011 has been quite kind to Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean. Standing out amongst his foul-mouthed and street wear obsessed brethren, the singer-songwriter has managed to captivate audiences with his debut mixtape/street album Nostalgia, Ultra and has parlayed his smooth tenor and thoughtful lyrics into working alongside some of music’s biggest talents. Fresh off of two high profile features on the joint album from Kanye West and Jay-Z Watch The Throne, Ocean is back promoting his own wares with a new video “Swim Good” from his mixtape.

Although images of the as yet unreleased clip have surfaced on the Internet, not much is known about the video aside from reports saying the video was shot by the singer’s younger cousin. A sneak peek clip going around the Web seemingly filmed by Ocean himself highlights a view of the set while stagehands and the production crew for the clip blow up an orange limousine, setting it ablaze. While in flames, a truck approaches the burning vehicle with Ocean a little miffed he couldn’t see more of the blast.

“Swim Good” continues Frank Ocean’s videography list with “Novacane” and a bonus track that didn’t make the mixtape cut “Acura Integurl” seeing release and making the rounds. The Def Jam signee is said to be working with Queens vet Nas and has worked alongside Beyoncé, Justin Bieber among others behind the scenes whole prepping his debut Nostalgia, LITE for the major label.

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