Jay-Z Calls Beyonce 'Second Coming' Of Michael Jackson

A week ago today Jay-Z and Kanye West shook up the world when they finally released their much anticipated Watch the Throne album. Talk of the record completely flooded social networks Twitter and Facebook backed by some big events (pop-up stores in NYC, followed by a $250 k Ace of Spade drinking spree at Club Liv in South Beach) along with some big remarks Hov sprinkled on Miami radio listeners leading up to last night's massive event at a Sunday night hotspot in the city.

Prior to taking over Club Liv in celebration of his Watch the Throne release with an absent Kanye West, Jay phoned in to local radio station 99 Jamz to hype up the album when he took out the time to speak on his better half.

See how Jay-Z describes the title for his Watch the Thronealbum.

"What I've learned from her is similar to what I learned from Mike [Jackson] - and I know that's blasphemy to compare the two because Mike was such an innovator - but I think she's like the second coming," said Jay. "You know, the hard work and dedication that she puts into her shows. It just makes you want to work harder at your own craft. She's like a machine."


During his chat King Hov obviously spoke on the much talked about Watch the Throne album where he expounded on the concept behind the album title.

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"It's just protecting the music and the culture" Jay explained. "It's people that's in the forefront of music, it's like Watch the Throne, protect it. You just watch how popular music shifts and how hip-hop has basically replaced rock 'n' roll as the youth music. The same thing could happen to hip-hop, it could be replaced by other forms of music."