Kanye And Jay-Z's Throne Pop-Up Reminds Us To Keep Watching

Watch the Throne and its unconventional rollout continues to defy the entire recording industry’s usual traditions. After Monday's digital-only release and the drop of physical copies in retail outlets today (August 12), Kanye West and Jay-Z proved they have even more tricks up their sleeve with yet another big event attached to their joint album. In the heart of New York City and the trendy section of SoHo, MTV News got first dibs on getting a look at a “pop-up store” erected in order to sell copies of WTT.

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Pop-up stores became all the rage in the early 2000s as the quickly constructed temporary spaces combined the fun and pizazz of event marketing with a focus on retail sales as well. Originating in 2001 in London according to most reports, the pop-up store has gained in popularity in North America and the United Kingdom with companies keeping their small spaces up for as long as a month before whisking them away to build again in new areas with heavy foot traffic. Large retail companies have borrowed the pop-up concept, with most of the spaces appearing in large cities hoping to attract curious folks who will be bold enough to inquire further by entering the store.

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For the Watch the Throne pop-up store in New York, the tricked-out Maybach that appeared in the “Otis” video is on display although fans will have to make seeing the vehicle a fond memory as phones and video cameras are not allowed. The store, located at 201 Mulberry Street, is wrapped in the same gilded display found on the WTT album cover from designer Riccardo Tisci and fans had until 10 p.m. ET tonight to visit. The space will reopen at 11 a.m. on Saturday and again on Sunday at the same time, so get there bright and early to check it out.

What will the Throne have us watching next? Stay tuned!

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