Gucci Mane Speaks On Ice Cream Tattoo


This past Wednesday, “RapFix Live” host Sway had the pleasure of sitting down with Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame – aka the Ferrari Boyz – and discussed the pair’s various ventures including Waka’s new independent label, their new joint Ferrari Boyz album and Gucci’s ambitious desire to recreate a down south classic. Sway focused on Gucci and his ice cream face tattoo that was a much discussed item and all the rage across the Web when pictures of the tattoo were released. Gucci Mane explained to Sway the impetus behind the infamous tat during the taped interview.

After remarking that the tattoo wasn’t as glaring as photos made it appear, Sway pressed Gucci to break down the reasoning behind the artwork. “I got the tat, at the time I was thinking it was going to represent that I was the coldest MC in the game,” shared Gucci. “I was going to name my new album The Ice Cream Man but as of yet it’s untitled. I’m thinking about changing it up and coming with something else and dropping Ice Cream Man as a mixtape because I’m feeding the fans right now.”

Sway swooped in with a remark, mentioning that New Orleans legend Master P was the originator of the “Ice Cream Man” moniker, to which Gucci humbly acknowledged. “I definitely want to get P, that’s my homie; I definitely want to get him on this song. I want to re-do that whole video,” said Gucci Mane. After working with the “Lemonade” rapper on his Return Of Mr. Zone 6 project, Gucci also told Sway that P will be enlisting his acting services in an upcoming film from the No Limit soldier.

Waka Flocka Flame also shared that he too has read for roles and had offers for sitcoms but is opting out, saying music is his main focus for now before hitting the big screen.

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