Jay-Z And Kanye West's 'Otis' Video: What Do Fans Think?


As soon as Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Otis" video premiered Thursday on MTV, people were talking. The Watch the Throne hype started with the joint album's release Monday and culminated with the video's arrival, with #otis immediately becoming a Twitter trending topic.

The buzz around the video started weeks ago, when images from the set hitting the Web and drove anticipation for the Spike Jonze-directed clip. Full of pyrotechnics, fast cars and snazzy camerawork, "Otis" showcased the rappers in all their kingly glory. And it appears to be an immediate hit with fans on Twitter.

@WhatAPriss clearly felt the fun the dynamic duo were rocking on camera. "So after watching the video, those silly Kanye and Hov beefing rumors need to CEASE. They're truly little bro and big bro. Fun."

"After watching the #Otis video it's clear that it was in fact @azizansari who invented swag! Best.cameo.ever," an observant @Stenleytothe remarked, citing the popular comedian who snags a few frames of the clip.

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"They looked like they were having a good time performing together. Video is not flashy I loved the chemistry #otis," @hairbynah wrote. "Jay and Kanye having fun, destroying & joyriding a custom Maybach with models in the back seat. A Bunch of explosions... not mad at that #Otis," added @ahmedklink.

Rap Radar's @ElliottWilson tweeted, "Never seen SC that happy in a video. Good sh--!" Even Chris Brown was watching the Throne with an approving tweet, saying, "I f-xx wit that 'OTIS' video!" DJ Envy enjoyed the video too, adding, "I love that video to Otis... Jay and Kanye look like they having too much fun..."

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A handful of fans took the counterpoint despite overwhelming support for the clip. "As much fun as that car would be to whip, the video for 'Otis' was disappointing... #PersonalOpinion," tweeted an unmoved @Mr_Illuminated. " 'Otis' video is dope. Jay x 'Ye having fun. No xtraordinary league of gentlemens, just them and the Hindude Aziz," said a satisfied @Combat_Jack.

By all accounts, "Otis" was another smash video for the highly creative Kanye West and Jay-Z. Spike Jonze added some flair here and there, but the simple approach has worked well for the megastars. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a video rollout for Watch the Throne.

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The tricked-out Maybach featured in the video will be auctioned off at a later date with the proceeds of the sale going towards the East African drought disaster fund to help ease the suffering. Not bad, huh, to borrow Jigga's line from the track.

Kanye West and Jay-Z have made Watch The Throne one of the most rewarding experiences in some time and the leak-proof album has earned the distinction of not falling victim to the greedy hands of hackers and bootleggers. With that accomplishment in tow and their new video released, it appears we’ll all be watching more than just the throne.

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