Poll: How Many Units Will Watch The Throne Sell?


Yesterday (August 8th) Kanye West and Jay-Z delivered on their year long promise and released what's now considered arguably one of Hip-Hop's most celebrated rap albums, Watch the Throne. Minutes after its release, WTT caused quite a stir on the digital landscape, completely taking over Twitter as well snagging the number one album in 23 countries according to distributor iTunes who exclusively debuted the record. This coming Friday (August 12) the physical copy of WTT hits record shelves giving fans another experience as they can purchase a hard copy of the record. With positive reviews of the album at an all time high the acclaim is shaping up to become some big numbers for Jay and 'Ye.

Early projections have put the album at selling somewhere in the range of 400 - 500 thousand copies in it's first week. While nothing is concrete but anything is possible, we've decided to get you the fans' take on the outcome of this historical moment.