Ace Hood Explains 'Body To Body' Impact


Ace Hoods third LP, Blood Sweat and Tears lands in stores on Tuesday (August 9) and the Broward county, FLA native says the albums third single is probably going to be the projects biggest song yet. A few weeks ago, he released the record "Body 2 Body" with the industrys most in demand hook singer of the moment, Chris Brown.

"We shot the video in LA, shot it in Hollywood overlooking the hills," Ace explained a couple of weeks ago from his Florida home. "We had a fly pad. Its a very sexy video. Me and Chris have a crazy performance. Its definitely gonna be a number one all round. Not only a number one record, but a number one video all around."

After putting out fan favored street gems "Hustle Hard," "Go N Get It" and remixes for both, Ace says it was a must to cater to the females.

"The ladies love it" Ace continued. "They are requesting it all over the world, Hood explained of the "Body 2 Body." Its exciting. I feel like the women definitely needed this record. They wanted this record from me. Being that I did have the "Hustle Hards" and the "Go N Get Its," the females needed this record. The last female record I had was back in 08 with Ride of Die. For me to drop Body 2 Body in 2011 is major. This record is destined to do great things. I always want to show that side more. Being that there are so many women that genuinely support me, it felt good to me to give them something."

Ace says C. Breezy is equally as excited as he is that the record is finally out and on the airwaves.

"Chris Brown, I tell people hes one of the greatest," Hood boasted. "It don't get better than that. He's young and talented, to have him be apart of the record is dope. We're both young. The women, they love us. Chris Brown does his thing. Even before the song came out, he was all around LA bragging about the record. For it to drop, feels good. The feedback is amazing. The women are going crazy. They want me to walk around with no shirt on for the rest of my life. This is going to be a big record for me."

Blood, Sweat and Tears also features appearances from Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Yo Gotti and singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom. Ace is also set to premiere his new web series Ace Hood: From Gutter to Greatness.