MTV Jams Salutes Kanye West And Jay-Z 'Throne Day'


By D.L Chandler

It’s Throne Day! In celebration of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album release MTV Jams has the party jumping. Check your local cable provider for channel information and tune into Jams as the network plays all Hov and Yeezy videos all day long.

The release of Watch the Throne has been one of the most ballyhooed events in recent times with megastars Jay-Z and Kanye West no doubt relishing in their victory of having kept their joint album safe from the dreaded premature online leak. With several fans in possession of the release, the Web has been set ablaze with comments and reviews both positive and negative – although the album is just hours old.

On Twitter, the trending topics “#WTT,” “#WatchTheThrone” and “throneday” have gone worldwide with users buying into the fervor surrounding Watch The Throne with a few requisite critics largely unimpressed with the final product. “[All] the "heads" lookin at me like "wtf" with the #WTT praise. sonically this album was made with the serengeti in mind not your headphones,” tweeted The Roots drummer and producer @Questlove. Impressed user @Phenomenality remarked on the album’s finer details with, “Looking at the WTT digital booklet.. I'm TELLIN u, artists need to step their game up on the digital download game.. Go BEYOND the j card.”

Fan @pagesofle shared a sentiment of many fans in enjoying the album’s opener “No Church In The Wild” by tweeting, “[No] church in the wild is an awesome intro track for the album. it sets the tone for the album well.” User @DeePhunk also commented on the Frank Ocean-assisted track adding, “A minute into "No Church In the Wild" & I already brought that sh*t to the top. This beat is straight ugly face. #WTT.” Other songs to trend worldwide on Twitter include “Who Gon Stop Me” and “Gotta Have It” – but so far, "No Church In the Wild" has dominated timelines.

Critics of The Throne and their new venture were plentiful with many decrying the album in a variety of ways. “There are probably a lot of people who haven't bought music in ages who are buying #WTT. They will never pay for music again,” tweeted @djbrainchild. User @KButter5 wondered aloud, “Maybe my mid isn't complex enough to understand but i don't see the big deal about 'Watch the Throne.'”

Model and rapper @dopeboyc succinctly summed up what seems to be the overwhelming assessment of the album with a tweet reading, “My thoughts on "Watch the Throne"? Its awesome. No need for dramatic breakdowns, sure you've seem em all over the web.”

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