Kanye West Closes Out Big Chill Festival

Megastar Kanye West, undoubtedly basking in the glow of he and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne release, seemingly finds ways to keep his name fresh in the press. Celebrating its 17th year, the Chicago native closed out the festivities this weekend but not before uttering a few choice words to the audience.

The Associated Press reported that midway through his set at Big Chill, Kanye West launched into a rant in where the 34-year-old entertainer vented onstage regarding his unfavorable view in the eyes of some fans and onlookers. “I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm (expletive) insane, like I'm Hitler,” said a defiant Kanye. “One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did.”


West also took time to address critics of his oft-discussed video “Monster” – defending himself against protestors who were dissatisfied by the images presented in the clip. “Who saw the video before it got banned, before they took it down and before women's groups starting saying that a person that lost the most important woman in his life is now against women in some way?” said West who lost his mother in 2007.

Kanye’s half-hour set was not completely peppered with digs at the media as the rapper and producer took time to offer a fitting tribute to late singer Amy Winehouse but not before getting off one last plea to the press. “Thank you for protecting your artists that are still here. This is for McQueen, for Amy, for Michael and for all the media, can you lighten up on all your artists that are still here.”

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