Watch The Throne Released, Avoids The Big Leak


Kanye West and Jay-Z – collectively dubbed “The Throne” – debuted their collaborative album Watch the Throne to fans who have been eagerly awaiting the album.

Some have been searching feverishly for leaks and snippets, which “The Throne” and their media team have successfully kept secure from bootleggers. There was even an event where an uninvited blogger leaked five low quality rips of the album and posted them to the Web after a Watch the Throne listening party. Prior to it's release full snippets of the album were available online but later removed. It appears that Watch The Throne is the first big album in some time to avoid the dreaded leak.

Check out the photos of Jay & Kanye recording Watch the Throne.

Kanye’s career ascension to top billing artist status is a remarkable one. Although employed for some years as a producer for Roc-A-Fella providing smashes for Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel and others, the Chicago product had designs on being a rapper. 2004's The College Dropout showcased a much more humble version of the artist than we’ve witnessed in recent times with glaring moments of humility from front to end. Each subsequent album from Yeezy showed a bolder side of the artist, gaining him both fans and a certain amount of infamy.

Kanye’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was Yeezy at his most creative and perhaps zaniest. With Watch the Throne, listeners could assess that Kanye intends to go even harder than he did on his last solo record and claim his place amongst the best to ever do it.

Kanye’s partner in rhyme Jay-Z has already addressed how their album avoided the clutches of hackers and blogs far too eager to blast out their wares. Jay-Z even mentioned that this unprecedented effort to keep Watch The Throne safe from premature release was a nod to the fans that support the pair. Whatever the case, “The Throne” has made history as this would be the first album between the two to not see early release. Going forward, they have altered the landscape of the recording industry with clever staggering of dates and heavily monitored listening sessions.

Watch the Throne is shaping about to be one of the biggest and most historic music events ever. Will other big names follow in footsteps of the pair and their blueprint? Time will tell.

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Watch The Throne Released, Avoids The Big Leak

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