Joe Budden, Grafh Show Teamwork With 'It’s Just Music'


Longtime veteran rhyme slingers New Jersey native Joe Budden and Jamaica, Queens mixtape fixture Grafh have long made their respective marks on the rap scene over the past decade and change. Budden, a onetime Def Jam artist, found fame in the early on with his smash single “Pump It Up” although he has since moved on to greener pastures with his Slaughterhouse team signing with Shady Records along with several mixtapes and digital albums under his belt.

Grafh, also prolific, has released a staggering 14 mixtapes along with a 2007 street album Autografh on the Blackhand label which had major label backing. Working with everyone from Waka Flocka Flame to Bun B, Grafh has managed to keep his name buzzing in an increasingly crowded field of straight spitters. MTV News caught up with Joe Budden and Grafh as they prepped a video for their new pairing “It’s Just Music” and hinted that there could be more to come.

“This type of stuff is not on the radio, this is real Hip Hop in its purest form,” said an animated Grafh of him and Budden’s new union. “We getting busy just for the art, just because this is what we do. You give me a bag of money today it’s not going to change the fact that I go in the booth and get busy. It’s beautiful music at the end of the day.”

Budden echoed the same sentiment as his Queens cohort by adding, “I was honored. Anytime I can get in the booth with people who are as capable as Grafh is. That camaraderie amongst lyricists like that, you kind of want to keep it at a certain level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a balance in Hip Hop. The people who do that, great, I mean I appreciate it. I dance in the strip club and all that but when it’s time to do this, it’s only certain people you can go to and Grafh is definitely one of them.”

The two powerhouse rappers both acknowledge that their collaboration was a long time coming and Budden did say that he’d be open to more work with Grafh – but not without playfully saying he would have to “stockpile” some raps to rock alongside his Queens ally. Grafh's collaboration with Budden is just one of many new endeavors the Queens MC is embarking on since his split with Blackhand Entertainment.

Produced by Veterano, “It’s Just Music” will be featured on Grafh’s upcoming EP The Rule set to drop sometime this month. Stay tuned to RapFix as we will offer more exclusive Grafh coverage over the course of the week.

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