Game Says 50 Cent Not Working With Dr Dre, Calls Tony Yayo 'Bottom Of Barrell'


Yesterday (August 3) was another smashing edition of “RapFix Live” with our own Sway holding down the “hub of Hip Hop” with ease. This week’s guests Diddy, new Bad Boy signee Machine Gun Kelly and the controversial Game helped to heat up the best live Hip Hop talk show in the land.

The West Coast rap vet graced the couches alongside Sway and, as expected, didn’t back down with his typical tough talk. Game also revealed some inside information regarding the elusive Dr. Dre and working with superstar Eminem as well.

Sway dug in with the questions, mentioning a track from Game’s latest mixtape Hood Morning (No Typos): (Candy Coronas) featuring Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre titled “Drug Test” in which Game mentioned was a leaked track meant for his upcoming studio record The R.E.D. Album. "We worked on it [“Drug Test”] and it was supposed to be for Detox but then I just let it go away," said Game. 'I let him get excited about something else and I brought it up a month later. I kind of stole that one.'

During the interview, a fan tweeted in a question asking if Game would ever work with Eminem on track in the coming future. Game revealed the process behind the pair working on the track "We Ain’t" from Game’s debut The Documentary and also showed massive respect to the Motor City bad boy. "One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be f---ed with in ever n Hip Hop. If you noticed out of everybody I took a shot at, that’s the only person that’s untouched."

Sway then dug in further, asking Game how his working relationship with Dr. Dre conflicts with Eminem and 50 Cent and their dealings with his mentor to which Game claimed that 50 Cent no longer works alongside Dre. However, Fif tweeted yesterday that he has recorded four new tracks with the good doctor and thus conflicting Game’s claim.

Later in the show, Game expressed he’s not above working with some of his former targets and allies after Def Jam record exec Sha Money XL, a close ally of 50’s and G-Unit, expressed working with Game again on music ventures. "You know the thing about it, Sha Money was 50's right hand man and he was one of these guys who didn't really want to choose sides," said Game of conflict between he and G-Unit. "But he had to and I understand where his loyalty lies. I was the only person not contractually signed to G-Unit. But Sha Money is a good dude, man."

Tony Yayo doesn’t share Sha Money’s interest to which Game dismissed coolly by calling Yayo "bottom of the barrell" but not before saying he’d even work with him. “I would outshine him, but it’s cool,” said a confident Game to Sway.

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