Soulja Boy Reportedly Buys $55 Million Dollar Jet

While most new 21-year-olds bask in the freedom of legally being able to buy drinks at the bar and partying it up with their pals, birthday boy Soulja Boy Tell’Em has taken stunting to a new level with his latest reported purchase. Opting to celebrate in a most innovative way, a report says that the “Crank That” rapper has purchased a $55 Million dollar jet tricked out with features fit for a young millionaire.

Gossip site TMZ has reported that an insider on Soulja Boys’ team said to the their staff that Soulja Boy purchased a brand new G5 private jet for $35 Million but with the bonus additions to the aircraft, the price bumped up to a cool $55 Million. According to the report, the jet will be outfitted with posh Italian leather seats, a travertine tiled floor, hardwood cabinets, four stocked bars and a number of flat screen TVs. Soulja doesn’t intend to stop there as the rapper intends to take out the usual cramped airplane bathroom stall and adding his own lavish version of a full-sized bathroom as well.

Soulja is said to also have work done on the exterior of his plane, adorning the aircraft with his artist and label logo literally stamping his expensive birthday gift. Soulja – who turned 21 yesterday (July 28) – is also throwing a big all-star b-day bash in Miami tonight, spending a reported $300,000 dollars to host the event.

Happy Birthday, Soulja Boy.

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