Keri Hilson Apologizes For Amy Winehouse Tweet

R&B singer Keri Hilson found herself in a bit of hot water earlier today {July 26) after tweeting a photo of an Amy Winehouse lookalike and while it appeared Hilson was speaking in jest, fans on Twitter were offended by the picture which eventually led to the No Boys Allowed singer to apologize to Winehouse fans.

During a night on the town in New York City, Keri Hilson attended an event at the Juliet Supper Club where she ran into a fellow patron who resembled Amy Winehouse in Hilson’s view. The likeness motivated Hilson to tweet, “Gasp* Amy Winehouse resurrected to party w/ me!!! (seriously, uncanny resemblance)” last night (July 25) – which the singer quickly apologized for in a series of ensuing tweets.

“Come on, I mean no harm. All due respect. But really the resemblance freaked me out. This was simply the best tribute ever. #RIPAMYWINEHOUSE,” tweeted Hilson in an attempt to diffuse the anger from fans of the fallen singer. Hilson continued with, “Bedtime. I apologize 2 anyone who might've taken it the wrong way. As a fan, I thought it was cool that she dressed up to honor Amy.. I had no ill intent, but I understand how it appears bad twitterville. For real. Good night :).”

Keri Hilson is currently on tour with Lil Wayne and the "I Am Still Music" tour.

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