Lauryn Hill Delivers Sixth Child Over The Weekend, Fans React

Singer and rapper Lauryn Hill made the worldwide trending topic list for Twitter over the weekend, not because the former Fugee rapper is set to release a new album but because the proud mother of five has welcomed her sixth child into the world this past Saturday (July 23). Hill, 36, had announced news of her pregnancy during a show in Detroit this past June.

An exclusive report from website Black Celebrity Kids states that Hill and her newest addition are doing well. ““Mother and baby are fine,” says a source to Black Celebrity Kids. The source also shared that Ms. Hill and family “had a little scare because the baby came out the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. All is well now and everyone is happy.”

Fans of the singer have shown the proud mother an overwhelming amount of support on Twitter. Fan @MrWordsWorth humorously tweeted, “Lauryn Hill dropped her latest release this weekend. If you're keeping score she has 6 kids, 5 Grammys and two albums.” User @lilmisscicada added, “I thought Lauryn Hill trending was because she was back making music. But, congrats anyway for her 6th child.”

User @candicenicolePR was obviously shocked by the news as many others were by saying, “[Wait], lauryn hill had her baby already? guess no one knew she was preg until 7/8 months..” while @captainbruisin88, also surprised by the news, said, “I didn't know lauryn hill has six kids.”

Fan @MurdaSheWrote1 tweeted a shared sentiment among many users with, “Congrats Lauryn Hill on givin birth to baby #6....I will gladly wait another 9 mo if it means she'll give birth to anotha ALBUM!!”

Congrats to Lauryn Hill and family.

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