Chris Brown Set To Rap On New Mixtape With Mouth Full Of Gold

Look out the Drake's and Kid Cudi's, another singing rapper is on the horizon. Embattled singer Chris Brown recently announced his plans to release a mixtape that he plans to rap on in it's entirety. Earlier today Breezy broke the news on his Twitter feed.

"New(chris brown) hip hop mixtape called "Boy In Detention" coming soon!" Brown tweeted. “And people… Yes I’m a singer so if this mixtape doesn’t reach your quota for hip hop! Simply don’t listen..”

A tattooed up C. Brown has showcased his passion for rapping over the past year, stepping up his efforts most recently on records "Look At Me Now" and Big Sean's "My Last" but Detention will mark his first full effort spitting on a whole project.

News of Breezy releasing a mixtape dedicated strictly for the Hip-Hop heads immediately excited his fanbase.

"@chrisbrown Excited for your mixtape to drop!! So glad to see u doing so well despite the haters. Wishing you much continued success!!" tweeted user @CarlaAshley1920.

"@chrisbrown #RealTalk. everyone has the chance to choose the kind of music they listen to. I've chosen yours" added user @BreezyTooFly888.

To formally usher in his new street album Brown revamped his look revealing a set of gold grills that would make Master P blush.

"Stomach ache from eating gold!!!!" Brown tweeted after showing off his grills. The singer's ever supporting fans had a variety of comments following his latest look.

"@chrisbrown omg why uve got no teeth" user @DaisyRobinsonx questioned. "woah that doesn't look like you!" @itsbreezymofos chimed in.

Another fan implied that Breezy's gold teeth puts him alongside other MCs portrayed as bad boy rappers.

"@chrisbrown lol your so cute! Bad but cute" user @Dame_Unique simply put it.

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