Kidd Kidd Says He Reps The Real New Orleans, Others Don't


Are newly-inked G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd and Lil Wayne taking verbal shots at each other? MTV News caught up with Kidd on the set of Tony Yayo’s “Haters” video shoot in Atlanta and after he bragged and boasted about repping “the real New Orleans” he expressed disappointment over “people” who’ve made it out of New Orleans, but never came back to help.

“When you hear me, you hear the real New Orleans, you hear the struggle. The real struggle of New Orleans,” he said. “A lot of people that’s from New Orleans that done made it out of New Orleans never really came back to really see what’s goin’ on down there; to help out or anything. And me I’m still down there, I’m still in that struggle; I got hit six times from being in the midst of that struggle.”

In June Kidd Kidd was shot six times, an incident that Weezy (who now resides in Miami) referenced on his newly released mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait. On the tape’s last track “IDK (Freestyle)” Wayne said this: “Kidd Kidd you better watch yourself out there bitch, you know a n---a love ya bitch. Don’t have a n---a come in that water for ya bitch. Pay attention out there n---a. I told you you’re supposed to be out there doing ya thing anyway nigga. F--- wrong with you?”

Now, the two do have history. Kidd Kidd got his start with Wayne’ Young Money label and even appeared on Weezy’s 2008 single “Mrs. Officer.” The former collaborators have since parted ways and for the most part the spilt has played out quietly, though many believe Wayne has referenced the rift in his “Do’s and Dont’s Of Young Money” skit off of his Dedication 3 mixtape.

It could be nothing, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open just in case.

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