Rihanna Edges Lady Gaga For Most Facebook Fans

Rihanna can now add another feather to her cap as the Barbadian beauty has surpassed the wildly successful Lady Gaga on Facebook and becoming the world’s most popular woman according to the social network’s rankings. Although Lady Gaga and her team of “Little Monsters” – her pet name for fans – tallied a number of 40,575, 791 as of earlier today (July 15), Rihanna swooped in to take the lead with 40, 616,457 fan votes.

The big news was announced by Facebook’s Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg who tweeted yesterday, “Sorry, Gaga! As of today, Rihanna has passed Lady Gaga as the #1 most popular woman on Facebook.” And it appears loyal fans are going to war with one another on Twitter – where Lady Gaga trumps Rihanna in followers – over the closeness of the rankings.

“[To] all the lady gaga fans who are now unfollowing rihanna because she has more likes than lady gaga i only have too say F..... u :),” said user @Rihfan96 in a playful jab to Gaga fans. Lady Gaga fan @_GAGATEMYHEART_ has been urging Mother Monster fans to unlike Rihanna’s page if they’re true fans of Gaga – leading to several serve-and-volley tweets between supporters of both globally recognized artists.

Pro-Rihanna fans are certainly gloating however, with one supporter totally going for the low blow. “Both Rihanna and Chris Brown took something away from Lady Gaga. Facebook empire and Today Show audience. #WINNING,” tweeted user @RighTaughtME.

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