50 Cent Pokes Fun At Lloyd Banks Def Jam Signing Reports


Call 50 Cent what you want but the mans business acumen is undeniable. This past weekend while down in Atlanta for Tony Yayo's "Haters" video shoot Fif addressed the exaggerated reports that his G-Unit artist Lloyd Banks may possibly flee EMI where he's currently signed and join Def Jam Records. Will Banks be the next artist to ink a deal at the house that Russell Simmons built? Don't hold your breath.

"Well, Def Jam, I'm not even sure what that system — that system is not in a good space right now. They're like $80 million in the hole," he said, before laughing, "Don't tell them I told you." Ouch.

Prior to his Def Jam potshots 50 elaborated on the growth of his team noting that he's like a proud papa watching his artists and childhood friends Banks and Tony Yayo spreading their wings and coming into their own with their respective solo careers.

"Like on all their other albums and singles, I was featured on their projects to help bring attention to it and get 'em off into the right space," he said. "This go-around is, like, for them to go away from me and do it on their own. They're setting up shop on their own on this project."

Just a year ago Banks visited RapFix Live to reveal his next recording home. Following the announcement that he decided to take the independent route Banks made it clear he was in no rush to go back to a major label after parting ways with Interscope Records.

"I just came out of a situation with Interscope, and being there for years and knowing what it feels like to go through the shakiness in the system when priorities get shuffled," Banks explained of his decision to avoid a long-term contract. "So, not really excited to jump into a situation where I have a requirement for a few albums."