Lupe Fiasco’s Top Twitter Moments

As we salute Chicago artist and prolific "tweeter" Lupe Fiasco as he reportedly intends to depart the fast moving social media network Twitter and also handing over his account – and 700,000 plus followers – over to singer Nikki Jean, RapFix has compiled a short list of the Lasers rapper’s top tweets in no particular order as he rides off into the Internet sunset.

1. Lupe Vs. Prolyfic – Lupe’s old producer and friend Prolyfic – who has worked alongside Kanye West and No I.D. – decided to get at his former collaborator and provoked a bit of a Twitter war with the rapper. Prolyfic went on to air a lot of dirty laundry, prompting Lupe to respond in kind. Lupe eventually stopped responding to the producer who continued to rail against the rapper. The pair would eventually squash the beef.

2. Lupe Vs. Atlantic Records Beef Gets Settled In A Twitpic – Smiling and sitting alongside Atlantic Records honcho Julie Greenwald, Lupe’s longstanding battle with his label to release his Lasers album was finalized and the rapper gleefully tweeted this photo of he and Ms. Greenwald along with getting a release date for the record.

3. Lupe Defends His Obama Comments – Lupe’s controversial criticism of President Obama was one of this summer’s hottest issues with the rapper declaring the Chief Executive a “terrorist” – and defended his stance vehemently on his Twitter account.

4. Lupe starts Twitter book club #TheReaders – As one of the headier MCs in the game, Lupe began a Twitter online book club back in October of last year dubbed “#TheReaders” in which the rapper would suggest titles and then urge his followers to join him in live chat discussions of the book on Twitter. The popular idea has been is still going strong with fans tweeting today about their next book discussion.

5. Lupe Vs. MTV – On the heels of his label issues with Atlantic Records last year, Lupe Fiasco took to Twitter to offer some harsh criticism of the good folks over at 1515 Broadway, using his account to bash the network in a long series of tweets that set off a series of discussions online and abroad.

Lupe Fiasco may not be terribly fond of us, but we’ll miss the talented and outspoken rapper on Twitter. Until then, fans can expect a new album from the MC this coming fall.

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