Foxy Brown 'Mooning' Case Thrown Out

Troubled rapper Foxy Brown found herself in the news just over a year ago after violating an order of protection filed by neighbor Arlene Raymond following a 2007 incident in which Brown reportedly hit Raymond with a Blackberry cell phone. In late July of last year, Brown and Raymond crossed paths in their Brooklyn neighborhood where the rapper exposed her backside to Raymond in violation of the order – with Brown even doing a small bit of jail time behind the dustup.

As Brown headed to trial today (July 12) to answer for the charge, the beleaguered beauty enjoyed a stroke of luck as the judge in the case dismissed all charges based on reports saying that Raymond did not wish to continue pressing charges. The NY Post nabbed a quote from assistant district attorney Robert Isdith stating, “She [Raymond] wanted this matter behind her," Isdith stated. "She wanted to drop the charges.”

Brown’s defense team, according to the Post, were well prepared to fight the matter with attorney Salvatore Strazullo confidently stating he was set to use the “underwear defense” – following that by saying Brown was not wearing underwear although Raymond’s statement reported that Brown was wearing panties. As news of the bizarre case spread throughout the Web, fans chimed in on Twitter regarding the case.

Fan @roheblius expressed a bit of wishful thinking by tweeting, “I hope Foxy Brown makes a song about this” while user @Schoollover added, “Foxy brown needs to stop treating ppl like their below her spitting on them mooning them hitting them with cell phones in and out of court.”

It was flabbergasted fan @BlastoffBiggs’ tweet that may have captured the sentiment by many on Twitter regarding the mooning case. “Foxy brown in court for mooning her neighbour? Did I read that right?” said the user.

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