Jay-Z Knocks Obama On Unemployment Rate

Although Jay-Z toils about in rarefied air as one of Hip Hop’s most popular and well paid stars, the former hustler from Brooklyn showed some compassion for the less fortunate by way of some scathing criticism of President Barack Obama and the towering unemployment crisis that continues to loom over the country.

In an impromptu chat held in New York City after last week’s listening party of Jay-Z’s and Kanye West’s upcoming collaborative album Watch The Throne, GQ reports that Jay held court with journalists and attendees in a loose discussion covering a bevy of topics. However, what stood out were Jigga’s comments on the current unemployment situation that has become a hotly contested political centerpiece.

"Numbers don't lie. Unemployment is pretty high. It's f---ed up, but he's trying not to be the angry black man," Jay-Z was quoted as saying. Although Jay didn’t offer a countering plan to help combat the issue, it is certainly clear that the mogul isn’t afraid to be critical of one his biggest fans.

Jay-Z is no stranger to political theater either as he stumped for President Obama in 2008 while his better half Beyoncé has pledged her allegiance to the Obama reelection campaign. While heads of states are routinely criticized by detractors and supporters alike, Jay’s comments certainly echo the sentiment of many Americans who are frustrated by the country’s current economic state.

With the huge fortune Jay-Z has amassed over the years, perhaps President Obama should tap the MC for a job in his cabinet as a financial adviser.

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