Future Tells A 'True Story' To Mixtape Daily


Atlanta rapper Future is living up to his name. The upstart MC is setingt the streets of Georgia ablaze with his track ''Tony Montana" and his recent mixtape True Story. Unlike most rappers Future plans to rap about nothing outside of his reality and his True Story mixtape is a testament to his word.

"The mixtape True Story, everything on it from the beginning to the end is based on a very true story, and I just wanted to go in and paint the picture for the streets," the rapper told Mixtape Daily.

Last week fellow rapper Drake took a stab at Future's club anthem, "Tony Montana" by hopping on the remix. Following the release of the "Montana" remix the record instantly turned into a trending topic. According to the songs author the track is self-explanatory serving as a soundtrack to the 1983 Al Pacino flick.

"I had to paint the picture of the whole movie: If you never seen Tony Montana, go look at the movie 'Scarface.' The beat was sounding crazy when I heard the beat. It sounded like New York when I heard it. It sounded very grimy, gutter, but at the same time it was a vicious track — it had that pound. I had to approach it that way when I wrote the song, so I thought about scenes from the movie, all the highlight scenes from Tony Montana from when he first came to America and they wouldn't even let him over — his anger — trying to get that vibe and get that energy."