Beanie Sigel Says That Dame Dash Is ‘Family’


Last week, the “RapFix Live” couches were graced with the presence of none other than Philadelphia veteran rhyme slinger Beanie Sigel and the self-proclaimed Broad Street Bully gave our host Sway plenty of food for thought as he discussed his time with Roc-A-Fella Records, his State Property crew and his upcoming music projects. However, a telling portion of the show happened when Sway dug into the past and asked Beans about his relationship with former boss at Roc-A-Fella Dame Dash.

After a brief video clip that showed Dame Dash declaring his love and support for his estranged crew – including Jay-Z – after the Roc label split, Beans spoke a bit about his connection with Dash and what transpired between the two during their time together. After a long and reflective pause, Beanie answered Sway’s question about the pair’s relationship as it stands today. “I mean I love Dame, just like he say he loves me,” said a subdued Beanie. “It ain’t no communication. I haven’t talked to Dame. I don’t talk to him.”

Seemingly affected by the heaviness of the moment, Mac continued to share with Sway that he and Dame haven’t exchanged so much as a text or phone call between them. “Dame was in Philly one day, he was in the studio where I used to record at and I was going to go talk to him,” said Beanie Sigel. After revealing that he and his State Property clique were joining forces again, Beans said the crew contemplated reaching out to Dame for assistance.

Beans also gave cautious praise to Dame Dash, never once betraying the amicable respect the two have for one another. “As a businessman, Dame [is] great,” said Beanie. “He [is] a genius, he [is] smart. He might be a little rough, he’s a shrewd businessman. Like I say, that’s family.”

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