Fans Comment On 'Watch The Throne' Album Cover

While news of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s upcoming collaborative album Watch The Throne is certainly all the buzz due to a pre-order sale offer yesterday (July 4), fans who have been anticipating the joint record from the megastars will have the goods in hand in August according to receipts of purchase. Although a ten-song tracklisting hit the Web weeks ago, the elaborate album cover is now starting to make the blogosphere rounds with excited fans commenting in droves.

On Twitter alone, fans have had the most to say about Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci’s lavish metallic artwork replete with intricate design and detail – with some fans impressed by the piece along with a few critics who felt the cover to be less than spectacular.

Brooklyn rapper and personal trainer Shawn Pen tweeted from his @ShawnPen1 account, “That Watch The Throne aLbum cover is a beautifuL picture. I'd love 2 know the relation to the Artists though.” User @ArmedPropaganda chimed in with, “That album cover is gorgeous.”

User @topflightkix was psyched about the artwork asking, “Has every1 seen da "Watch the Throne" album cover? Its pretty impressive and available 4 pre-order now! Hope Kanye holds up his end.”

Not everyone loved the mysteriously drawn piece however. “The "Watch The Throne" Album Cover Is Obviously A Sign Of The Apocalypse #WTF #Illuminati !!,” tweeted a spooked @HippieBrew.

A skeptical @bernmcbern added, “the album cover for watch the throne is sick but is it really gonna come out august 2nd?” – cementing the long held doubt from many fans that the highly anticipated album would ever see release although it seems to be all but confirmed for August 2.

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