Scarface Still In Jail, Owes Over $123,000 In Child Support

By Rob Markman

While most will be out celebrating Independence Day this weekend, Houston rap legend Scarface will remain behind bars as he has been since October 2010. The former Geto Boys front man, who is locked in Harris County Jail in Texas for failure to pay child support, owes over $123,000 according to XXL Magazine’s website today.

According to police documents obtained by the rapper is facing four separate child support cases. Bonds have been set in each case with separate amounts; one for $93,376, another for $50,000, a third bond for $30,000 and the fourth and final one for $500, bringing the whopping grand total to $123,372.

There is no word on when Face will be released but a representative for Harris County’s 7th precinct told XXL’s website that the rapper will be held until the women who are accusing him of not paying are compensated. In addition Scarface is also being held for federal charges, which are unspecified at this time.

Scarface made his mark as the leader of the Geto Boys. The Texas group broke out with their 1991 classic single “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” Soon after Face embarked on a solo career and dropped his own debut Mr. Scarface is Back. In the years that followed he continued to release well-regarded albums including 1994’s Diary and 1997’s Untouchable which featured his Tupac-assisted single “Smile.” In 2008, Scarface released what he called his final album, Emeritus. He then followed-up in 2010 with his mixtape Dopeman Music before he was locked later that year.