Dame Grease Clears Up 50 Cent/Max B Tweet

By Rob Markman

Earlier today hip-hop producer Dame Grease sent out a tweet and sent waves through the rap world: “@50cent Got 4 million for Max to come out! Mite Be Some Hi-Powered 2Pac sh-- bout to pop off!” But in an interview with MTV News, Grease said that he meant no harm with his social networking blurb. “It was just me twit-talking and sh--, but it kinda got taken all out of context,” he cleared up.

Max B, who is currently in prison serving a 75-year sentence after he was convicted of manslaughter and a host of other charges is hoping to see his conviction overturned in an appeal. So when Grease dropped the message the rumor mill began to spin making it seems as if the producer and the G-Unit general actually had a conversation about the matter. “Me and 50 cent never talked about anything,” he said.

Instead, Grease who is most known for produced the majority of DMX’s multiplatinum debut It’s Dark and Hell is Hot said he was just thinking (or tweeting) out loud, speculating that if 50 could bail Max out of jail it would be similar to when Suge Knight sprung Tupac from the clink in 1995.

DJ Next, who heads Amalgam Digital, the label where Max B is signed told MTV News that he spoke to Biggavelli this morning and that Max was unaware of any moves being made by Fif. “I spoke with him this morning, Max has no knowledge of it,” Next said. "If 50 is indeed interested in putting some money up behind Max’s legal situation I think that’d be a great thing. But right now Max doesn’t know anything about it.”