CyHi Spits Bars On 'Rap Fix Live'


Before even starting his interview with Sway during Wednesday’s episode “Rap Fix Live” G.O.O.D. Music signee CyHi the Prynce began with some pretty mean bars.

The Atlanta rapper went on a capella for almost two minutes, spitting lines like, “You seen the pimpin’ in my posture/ Steal your freak Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner/ I run through Hoes Herschel Walker/ She call me ‘daddy’ so I must be a foster.” From there, the MC who is signed to both Akon’s Konvict Music and Kanye’s label dropped more slick lines; “Reminiscing on all of my demolitions, I killed a bunch of rappers, put me under the prison/ Even if I was blind, you could still see my vision/ I feel like Akon, this Devyne’s intervention,” referencing Kon’s manager Devyne Stephens.

After the rhymes, CyHi sat down with Sway and spoke on everything from his deal with G.O.O.D. Music, his upcoming debut and Jay-Z and Kanye’s highly-anticipated Watch the Throne.

"They are ready to go. Right now, all the music and everything is done," CyHi told Sway. "But you know my guy — we over here with [Kanye], so 'Ye is gonna add his last little pizzazz, and it's going to be ready for you guys soon."

While the album is rumored to be dropping on July 4, CyHi couldn’t confirm a release date, saying that it was all up to Hov and Kanye. "I don't know the business of the logistics of it," he said, dodging the question with a veteran's poise. "Those are the bosses. You never know what they gonna do and how they gonna put it out. They might put it out yesterday.”