Lupe Fiasco And Trey Songz Drop "Out Of My Head" Video


You saw it here first during the MTV Movie Awards. Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz just dropped the video to their collaboration "Out Of My Head" earlier today on our MTV network. The track is the latest single off of Lupe's successful "Lasers" album, out now it stores.

Last month Trey Songz talked about the creation of the song on the heels of the impending Movie Awards.

" 'Out of My Head' is such a dope song and easily one of my favorite collaborations to date," Trey Songz said in a statement. "When Lupe first played the track for me I knew it was going to be a smash, and I'm happy it's been received so well. The MTV Movie Awards are such a special event, and Lupe is a great performer, so I am excited to be able to do the show with him."

Lupe Fiasco is undoubtedly one of the most talented MCs in hip-hop, but he is still working to earn a place in the upper echelon of rap superstars. With the Chicago rapper's third album, Lasers, out Tuesday (March 8), Lupe makes a leap in that direction.

"For this record, being a more popular record and being the goal of this record from its inception, no matter what changes and phases and label battles that it went through, it was always about, 'Let's take it to another level,' " he told MTV News. "If we're gonna go and try to get on radio, trying to capture that bigger audience, there's a certain format that you have to fit to do that. That's the growth that the fans want, the underrated things that the critics say. So to achieve those things, you have to play that [game]. You can't say, 'I wanna play for the Yankees,' and you're a football player. That's not gonna work. You have to learn how to play baseball."