Chris Brown And Tyga Drop 'Snapbacks Back'

After adding his own flair to Drake’s newest track “Marvins Room,” R&B star Chris Brown joins up with Young Money rapper Tyga for a remix of Meek Mill’s booming “Tupac Back” paying homage to the "snapback" baseball cap titled “SnapBacks Back” – making it one of many previous high profile remixes of the popular song. The new song also became a worldwide trending topic on social media network Twitter and is currently basking in that glory still.

Tyga is set to drop his twelfth mixtape Well Done 2 this summer in front of his upcoming sophomore album Careless World set to drop later this year. Lifting the “SnapBacks Back” pairing from his upcoming mixtape, longtime friends Chris Brown and Tyga have worked with each other many times in the past – most recently on Breezy’s popular kiss off track “Deuces” where Tyga was featured.

Fans of the artists chimed in on Twitter about the track, with many listeners impressed by Tyga and Chris Brown’s raps. There were also a few critics of Breezy’s rhymes sprinkling their comments about the song as well.

User @youhatezach tweeted, “yoooo @Tyga's new track Snapbacks Back is really official hard plus the homie @chrisbrown really killed it,he's the best.” Fan @MekkelCarter added, “Snapbacks Back is too true because @Tyga DEFF. bought the Snapbacks Back in style . No matter what anyone says .”

Critical fan @CP_Live36 asked, “why is Chris Brown rappin like he's bout that life?” But Breezy made at least one believer of the throng of critics with his performance. “I usually hate it when Chris Brown raps on a song... But Chris Brown's verse > Tyga's verse on "Snapbacks Back,” said fan @mzebaby.

Tyga’s mixtape Well Done 2 is slated for a release sometime this summer.

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